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A Day with the Science Moms

March 20 | 9:00 am - 7:00 pm

9:00 until 11:30 a.m.

Getting out There with your Science and other Research: A Workshop

In this session, explore different platforms to share your research and other modes of communication: explore the pros/cons of blogging, podcasting, vlogging, various social media platforms in sharing and defending your research. Kavin Senapathy, a science writer, Jenny Splitter, a storyteller and science communicator, and Natalie Newell, a documentary filmmaker, have tried them all, and can help you decide which platforms best suit your research, your goals, and your time! Registration: https://grad.msu.edu/events/getting-out-there-your-science-and-other-research-workshop

What To Do with YOUR Science Ph.D.

In this session, three women with science Ph.D.s will talk about their diverse career paths: How they started, where they ended up, and what they learned along the way. Alison Bernstein, Ph.D., will discuss her transition from a Ph.D in Neuroscience to her current role as Assistant Professor of Translational Science and Molecular Medicine at MSU, where her lab studies Parkinson’s disease. Anastasia Bodnar, Ph.D., is Policy Director of Biology Fortified, Inc., and has a Ph.D. in Genetics. Layla Katiraee, Ph.D., has her degree in human molecular genetics and has worked in biotech, specializing in Next Generation Sequencing product development. Registration: https://grad.msu.edu/events/what-do-your-science-phd

Networking Lunch with Students and Post Docs who are registered for the morning sessions

Telling your Story in Creative Ways: Storytelling and Documentary

In this session, Natalie Newell (Director of the Science Moms documentary) and Jenny Splitter, professional storyteller, will discuss how they identify “stories” worth telling in documentary or other creative formats. This session is perfect for anyone eager to find creative ways to talk about scholarship and research, or integrate visual dimensions in how they discuss their work. Registration: https://grad.msu.edu/events/telling-your-story-creative-ways-storytelling-and-documentary

Work/Life Panel: Loving Science and Your Family
(and not always in that order)

Join us for a frank discussion about the joys of negotiating a rigorous commitment to science and dedication to being the best mom (and partner, daughter, etc.) one can be. The “moms” will share their stories and strategies about how to negotiate a life that can take you by surprise. Registration: https://grad.msu.edu/events/worklife-panel-loving-science-and-your-family-and-not-always-order

Screening of “Science Moms” (Documentary)

Join us for a screening of Science Moms, a film by Natalie Newell and starring Alison Bernstein, Ph.D., Anastasia Bodnar, Ph.D., Layla Katiraee, Ph.D., Kavin Senapathy, and Jenny Splitter. We will follow the film with a panel discussion led by local author Sheril Kirshenbaum. Reception to follow. Registration: https://grad.msu.edu/events/screening-%E2%80%9Cscience-moms%E2%80%9D-documentary


March 20
9:00 am - 7:00 pm


Chittenden Hall