2014-2015 Trainee

Nastassja Imus

Nastassja Imus

Deparment: Cell and Molecular Biology

Degree Status: Ph.D. Student

Advisor: Tim Collier

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B.S., Biological Sciences, California State University, San Marcos

My interest in science sparked as an adolescent and continued to grow as I advanced to higher education. As an undergraduate, I enjoyed the opportunity to conduct research at the San Diego Zoo Global’s Safari Park in their reproductive physiology lab. My research there consisted of avian preservation using novel approaches involving germ cell xenografts into embryonic hosts. Currently, my dissertation research focuses on cell therapy to treat Parkinson’s disease. I am interested in characterizing the dynamic interactions between grafted donor cells in their host environment and in doing so, establish whether or not this approach shows promise for modifying disease progression.

When I am finished with my doctoral program, I hope to work in the private sector, working toward drug discovery and development.