2015-2016 Trainee

Rhyomi Sellnow

Rhyomi Sellnow

Deparment: CMB

Degree Status: Graduate Student

Advisor: Frederic Manfredsonn

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My current goal as a doctoral candidate at Michigan State University is to complete my research project and pursue a challenging career in the sciences. I currently am studying the role of transcription factor Nurr1 on the development of levodopa-induced dyskinesias in Parkinson’s disease. I additionally research a new therapeutic technique for treating metastatic melanoma. These two projects are brought together by the use of gene therapy techniques. I am interested in pursuing a career in which I will continue to use my PhD to influence society and health. I enjoy both the research aspect of science as well as outreach and science communication. In summary, I am interested in continuing to work in the rewarding field of science in order to better the community I live in.